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Who is Ted Lawlor, Owner of If Only They Knew and Co-Founder of The Manifestation Journal?

If you've ever seen a young, British entrepreneur, it is likely that Ted Lawlor had either got them started in the business world or had interview them on his podcast page, 'If Only They Knew'.

But who is Ted Lawlor?

Ted Lawlor is the owner of 'If Only They Knew' and co-founder of 'The Manifestation Journal'.

Hailing from Bermondsey, South London, Ted came from a poor background, but has managed to change his life around and become a successful entrepreneur - whilst also helping other young entrepreneurs too.

In order to escape his rough upbringing, Ted utilised the power of manifestation without even realising as he was always daydreaming of a better life.

It was for this reason that he created a hub for young business minds (called 'If Only They Knew') that allowed him to not only help young entrepreneurs connect, but also helped him learn and raise his own game to the next level.

Today, Ted thanks the power of manifestation for allowing him to change his entire life as it's only now that he can look back and realise just how many of his daydreams had come true and manifested themselves in his life.

This is why he teamed up with the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert Hisee, to co-found the Manifestation Journal, a guided journal that allows the user to manifest their true desires leveraging the power of manfiestation.

You can find out more about the Manifestation Journal here.

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