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What is Manifestation and Manifesting?

What is Manifestation and does it work?

Manifestation is the process of bringing about a thought or idea into reality, no matter whether this is an opportunity or a physical thing. There are also multiple methods that people use to manifest, with one of the more famous methods being the 369 manifestation method.

Books such as the best-selling 'The Secret' shined a lot of light onto the idea of manifestation as well as neighbouring concepts such as the Law of Attraction (one of the many laws of the universe that is explained in The Manifestation Journal).

For many years, manifestation was seen as merely a spiritual theory and many people did not believe that it was a real process as it was often linked to "hippies" and "witches". However, this nonsensical view of this life-changing process has thankfully decreased rapidly over time and now, more than ever, people not only accept, but also pro-actively use manifestation in their daily lives.

This change in thinking has come about mostly because of the scientific evidence that now supports and explains the manifestation process, particularly quantum physics - which is also covered in The Manifestation Journal.

Do you use manifestation? If so, let us know how it has changed your life in the comments below.

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