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The Manifestation Journal Reviews

By now, you're sure to have heard of the trending Manifestation Journal that has taken the market by storm, but just how good is it? Let's take a look at what some of our users have said...

Thomas Skinner, Entrepreneur (Bosh Beds) & TV Personality (BBC's 'The Apprentice' & 'Celebrity Masterchef')

Tom Skinner came to the public's attention via BBC's 'The Apprentice', but he is a workaholic who begins his schedules from the early hours of the morning and uses the Manifestation Journal to not only keep track of his busy schedule but to also remind himself of his strong mindset and as an accountability tool.

"Working on the markets and coming from a working-class background, it’s been hard over the years to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But this journal is amazing! It allows you to remember who you are, where you're going as and keeps you working towards your dreams."

- Thomas Skinner

Wayne Lineker, Entrepreneur (O Beach Ibiza) & TV Personality (Channel 4's 'Celebs Go Dating')

Wayne Lineker is known to the UK public as a serious party goer, but he uses the Manifestation Journal to plan and focus on his business ventures. The successful entrepreneur also states that this journal has all of the elements that allowed him to do so well for himself in earlier years.

"Being a Businessman since the age of 14, I’ve always journaled and I wish I had the Manifestation Journal when I first started out! It’s everything I’ve done to be successful packaged into one book. Visualise and plan, the action will follow."

- Wayne Lineker

Daniel O'Reilly, Comedian (Dapper Laughs) & TV Personality (Channel 5's 'Celebrity Big Brother')

Professional comedian and serial entrepreneur, Daniel O'Reilly, used The Manifestation Journal as a way to not only note down all of his hilarious comedy sketches, but also as a tool to keep him committed to his daily tasks.

"This journal is amazing! I’ve been journaling for years as it allows me to focus on my goals, keep track of my content ideas and commit to taking action. It has allowed me to keep moving forward through the tough times, keeping me focused on my goals." - Daniel O'Reilly

Colin Francis, International DJ

As a successful international DJ, Colin Francis has an extremely busy schedule that takes him from country to country on short notice, The Manifestation Journal was therefore a great too to help keep him grounded and focused.

"I am a very organised person in general however I’ve found this journal extremely useful to keeping my Daily, Monthly, Yearly structure correlated into one place and keeps my life streamlined and gives me even more focus. I would recommend for all ages starting from teenagers. Start Good habits from early then it becomes a way of life." - Colin Francis


As you can see from the successful entrepreneurs and legends that use the Manifestation Journal, it is a powerful tool that helps you to not keep track of your schedule but to also improve your mental health and manifest your true desires.

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