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Notebook and Pen

When Experience & Expertise Combine

The Manifestation Journal is a revolutionary guided journal that helps you to manifest your true desires whilst tracking & developing your mental health.

With a guided yet flexible structure and weekly educational inserts, this is a surefire way to get your life and mindset firing in the right direction.

This journal was designed by 23-year-old mental health advocate, Ted Lawlor, and based upon the vast amount of knowledge from the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert Hisee.

As well as being an Amazon Best Seller, the Journal has also been featured on TV and in the National Press. ​

Try the Manifestation Journal today and see how quickly you can manifest the things that you want in life.

What is The Manifestation Journal?



Our process is based upon real science, so be assured that you'll be on the right track

Researching and Writing

As the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, co-author Robert Hisee has the extensive knowledge needed to craft a journaling process that allows for effective and efficient manifestation as well as improving your mental health.

Known to the press as the #1 therapist for celebrities, Robert has proven results in improving the mindset of hundreds of people across Britain, from single mums with agoraphobia to stars from ITV's 'The Only Way is Essex'. 

So, rest assured that you are using a tried and tested process that has been shown to work over and over again for many years.

Manifest with confidence.

Carefully Crafted Using a Scientific Process

Expertise & Experience

Our co-authors have the combined expertise & experience with mental health & manifestation to create a tried & tested journal 


Ted Lawlor


After suffering from serious bouts of anxiety and depression, Ted has the experience needed to show just how powerful manifestation is as it changed his life.


Robert Hisee


As the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert has the extensive knowledge needed to ensure that the Manifestation Journal included the best manifestation process available, using science to provide an effective structure.

International Shipping

Manifest no matter where you are in the world

Made With Passion

Rest assured that the co-authors made this journal from their heart 

Loved By All

Know that our journals are loved by individuals and celebs alike

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the journal made?

The Manifestation Journal was made to combat the current mental health crisis faced across the globe, especially in the UK.

We wanted to reach as many people as possible in the most efficient & effective way, so a journal felt like the right tool to do this. 

Who created the journal?

The Manifestation Journal was made by Robert & Ted as they wanted to share the power of manifestation with others in order to combat the mental health crisis being faced across the globe.

Using Ted's experience in using manifestation to beat his depression and Robert's knowledge and decade's worth of experience working with the mind, the journal combines both experience and expertise. 

What is inside the journal?

The Manifestation Journal is half book, half journal and includes a multitude of sections and processes to help teach you how your mind works, but also shows you actionable steps to practically change your mindset around. 

Click the video to the right to see one of the many models in our journal, named 'The Manifestation Roadmap'.


How is it Backed by Science?

The process we use in the journal is backed by science as it utilises models and tools from habit formation, dopamine triggers, the reticular activating system and much more.

You'll also learn about the other Laws of the Universe, going beyond the Law of Attraction, including the Law of Divine Oneness.

Who is the journal for?

Unlike some of the other journals on the market, we wanted to ensure that The Manifestation Journal catered for as many people as possible.

So no matter how much or little you know about manifestation or the mind, you will be able to use our journal either way.

If you want to improve your mindset, this is the journal for you.

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