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The Best Selling
Manifestation Journal

The Manifestation Journal

Manifest Your True Desires & Improve Your Mental Health

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Perfect for all ages & genders!

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The Manifestation Journal As Seen on TV

Are You Ready To Create The New & Improved You in 2022? 

As Seen on TV & Other Platforms Including:


What's Inside?

This is more than a just a journal

  • Initial educational chapter that teaches you about the mind and the science behind manifestation

  • A carefully crafted journaling process by the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist

  • Daily projections & reviews to ensure that you're keeping on top of your goals every single day & night

  •  Weekly motivational & further educational inserts

  • Vision board

  • Calendar

and so much more!

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Improve Productivity

With daily reviews, ensure you stay efficient & effective

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Increase Motivation

Boost your motivation as you see yourself becoming more targeted & effective

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Achieve Your Goals

Set your goals and track your progress until you reach them

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Learn About The Mind

The UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist shares his extensive knowledge with you

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Our daily reviews allow you to identify what is bringing you down

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Daily affirmations & goal realignments ensure you get closer to your desires

Learn The Science

This journal will teach you about the scientific proof behind the process of manifestation and the laws of the universe, including the Law of Attraction, Law of Divine Oneness and the Law of Vibration.

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We're With You Every Step of the Way

Once you've completed our initial educational section, then dive straight into our journaling process that has been carefully selected crafted by the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist. 


You can be confident that you this journal will help you to understand and improve your mental health with a guide that helps you look to the future and stops you from dwelling on the past.


Hannah Rankin, World Champion Boxer

"I can't recommend this enough"

"I can't recommend this enough to all of you needing guidance to make your dreams a reality!

I'm already putting mine to good use. 

You'll learn how to reprogram your mind to set goals and create a positive mindset allowing you to grow and tackle life's challenges head on."

Hannah Rankin

WBA & IBO World Champion Boxer

"This journal is amazing"

"Working on the markets and coming from a working-class background, it’s been hard over the years to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But this journal is amazing!

It allows you to remember who you are, where you're going as and keeps you working towards your dreams."

Tom Skinner

BBC's 'The Apprentice' Candidate


"I wish I had this when I first started out"

"Being a Businessman since the age of 14, I’ve always journaled and I wish I had the Manifestation Journal when I first started out!


It’s everything I’ve done to be successful, packaged into one book.


Visualise and plan, the action will follow."

Wayne Linker

Entrepreneur & TV Personality


"It's allowed me to keep moving"

"This journal is amazing. I’ve been journaling for years as it allows me to focus on my goals, keep track of my content ideas and commit to taking action.  ​  


It has allowed me to keep moving forward through the tough times, keeping me focused on my goals."

Dapper Laughs

Comedian & TV Personality


"I've found this extremely useful"

"I am a very organised person in general however I’ve found this journal extremely useful to keeping my Daily, Monthly, Yearly structure correlated into one place and keeps my life streamlined - giving me even more focus.


I would recommend for all ages starting from teenagers.


Start good habits from early, then it becomes a way of life"

DJ Colin Francis

International DJ

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